Professor Blocks College Republicans From Campus Event

A gender studies professor at Orange Coast College took it upon herself to block two members of the school’s College Republicans group from attending a campus event for black women, claiming that their presence there would negate the “safe space” allegedly being created. In an email, the professor, Jessica Alabi, styled herself a vigilante.


From Campus Reform:

A professor at Orange Coast College has come under fire after an email showed her telling campus administrators that she would “stand up to the Republican club … if the College will not.”

The email, which was released as part of a California Public Record Act request from the College Republicans, shows Alabi condemning the CRs for sending members to the event for African-American women.

Alabi, who teaches gender studies, claimed that the presence of the College Republicans prevented the environment from becoming a “safe space” for participants.

The group claims that Alabi has previously blocked club members from attending a feminist meeting on campus. They are demanding that Alabi be held accountable for her actions.

Unfortunately, this is Orange Coast College. This is the same school that suspended a student for recording a professor’s anti-Trump tirade, rather than the professor. Then, it named that professor Teacher of the Year.

Additionally, the school has been accused by conservative students of maintaining a double standard on politically motivated hate crimes. So it seems unlikely that Orange Coast College will do anything to Alabi except maybe give her a raise, a promotion, or some other reward for being a good little leftist soldier.


OCC is clearly not interested in maintaining even the illusion that it’s a safe, welcoming place for different viewpoints and dialogue. Of course, OCC is hardly alone in this regard. Colleges aren’t particularly safe for non-Leftist students anywhere. Which, of course, makes Alabi’s statement particularly menacing.

Her repeated attempts to interfere with group members taking part in campus activities marks what looks to be an intentional harassment campaign. Even if OCC has no desire to act out of a sense of decency, perhaps they should act to protect the school from a lawsuit.

Of course, this is California. Many really do regard conservatives and libertarians as second-class citizens, devoid of rights.


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