Right-of-Center Students at St. Olaf College Say They've Been 'Violently Threatened'


A few months ago, most of us had never heard of St. Olaf College in Minnesota. With an enrollment of just over 3,000, it’s not a likely candidate to become a household name. However, after radical leftists hijacked the school recently, the university may be making its statement in all the wrong ways. Effectively shutting down the school after someone allegedly left a note on a black student’s car tends to do that.


Now, right-of-center students want people to know that the school administration isn’t racist … but they have to be careful how they spread that message. From The College Fix:

“The truth is this college is not racist. This college is not racist. This administration is wonderful. I can honestly say the administration is wonderful,” [Andrew] Morales said.

But he and other right-of-center students say they cannot declare that openly on campus or they will be demonized and attacked as racists by peers.

“We’ve been silenced. We’ve been repudiated for our beliefs. We’ve been demonized. It’s despicable,” Morales said.


Morales said protesters unfairly targeted the administration and used the incidents to push a left-wing, political agenda.

Similar sentiments were shared by three other right-of-center students who spoke with The College Fix about the recent events at the private, Lutheran college in rural Southern Minnesota.

Only Morales spoke on the record, with the other three student requesting anonymity to speak freely amid concerns they’d face backlash from classmates for speaking out.

The students’ comments come at a college where conservatives have voiced concern over being “violently threatened” by their peers. Two of students who spoke with The College Fix said they’ve been the targets.


In addition to threatening right-leaning students, the progressives on campus are delighting in making demands of the school administration—an administration that is probably desperate to not appear bigoted in any way under the circumstances. The demands, such as removing an alumnus from a position on an advisory board because he is a “Christian Zionist” and demanding gender-neutral rooms in all residence halls, have absolutely nothing to do with race.

Ah, the joys of intersectionalism.

Unfortunately for students like Morales, they’re not alone. Students have been targeted with similar threats all over the nation. Thanks to situations like Middlebury, two different riots at Berkeley, and numerous other riots initiated by leftist groups, there’s plenty of reason to take such threats very, very seriously.

After all, when progressive groups on school campuses actively promote violence, it’s not unreasonable to believe people of similar ideology actually mean it when they threaten harm.

Meanwhile, St. Olaf’s administration is so desperate to not look like racists, misogynists, or any other kind of “-ist” that they’re likely to ignore the situation affecting Morales and his peers until it is too late. While I won’t say that’s by design, I’m sure the violent left on St. Olaf’s campus are thrilled with such a happy coincidence.




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