Student Sues College That Expelled Him Hours Before Being Exonerated

A former football player at Liberty University is suing the school that expelled him just hours before the police exonerated him for the same crime. Cameron Jackson had been accused of rape by a female student-athlete.


Unsurprisingly, Liberty University is claiming it did nothing wrong:

Jackson and two teammates later were cleared of any wrongdoing by law enforcement in the case following an investigation by the Lynchburg Police Department after the incident was reported to LU.

The lawsuit, filed April 14 in Lynchburg Circuit Court, seeks compensation for damages to Jackson’s academic and athletic career, as well as to his reputation.

In a written statement provided by LU on Tuesday evening, general counsel David Corry dismissed Jackson’s claims.

“Liberty University has consistently provided those accused of Title IX violations with proper process both before and during their appeals. Mr. Jackson’s case was no exception,” Corry wrote.

The school had refused to hold off on rejecting Jackson’s appeal until a decision had been reached on whether criminal charges would be filed:

“Within hours” of being dismissed from LU, Jackson was notified by Doucette’s office to inform him the “investigation was complete and no criminal charges would be filed,” the lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit filed by Jackson’s attorney, Joshua Farmer, casts doubts on the accuser’s charges and alleges Jackson’s accuser acted maliciously and the response of LU and its employees was inept.

The lawsuit also claims LU staff did not protect Jackson from on-campus harassment aimed at him by other LU students, and such behavior caused him to stop attending classes.


It’s not surprising, really. Liberty University had recently hired a new athletic director who had just left Baylor University amid controversy over that program allegedly covering up sexual assault allegations.

Because of Title IX abuse, young men are having their lives destroyed based on flimsy allegations that simply don’t hold up to criminal investigations. They are being denied due process. Hopefully Jackson’s suit gives them something to think about before lashing out again.


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