Is State Champion Football Coach Going to Get Fired .... for Being White?

January 28, 2017 - Lake Buena Vista, FL, U.S: Team USA wide receiver Laviska Shenault from DeSoto H.S. Texas during the North America Championship 19U game between Team Canada and Team USA held at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Lake Buena Vista, Fl. Romeo T Guzman/CSM. (Cal Sport Media via AP Images)

Football coach Todd Peterman won a state championship for DeSoto High School in 2016, the school’s first. For a Texas high school, a state championship tends to ensure a coach will keep his job for a while.


However, Peterman is facing a job hunt on the horizon.

Apparently because he’s white:

DeSoto went 16-0 last season and won the Class 6A Division II state title.

Former NFL linebacker Zach Orr, a DeSoto and North Texas alumnus, indicated people were originally skeptical of Peterman’s hire because of his race. He said that seems to be the reason behind the potential change.

“They act like they can’t handle a white man running a predominantly black football team, which is very sad,” said Orr, whose three brothers also played for DeSoto. “Me, I want what’s best for the kids, our youth and our community. That’s what Coach Peterman is.”

Orr’s father, Terry, was one of the members of the public who spoke during the open session and hoped race wasn’t a factor in the current situation.

A former board member claims that if race had been a factor, Peterman would never have been hired. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that’s true in today’s Leftist environment. After all, a sociology professor at Pomona College was recently hired, but now finds herself under fire from students for the sin of Caucasian DNA.


Absent some misconduct, not keeping him on in his role is unconscionable. And considering no one has mentioned any misconduct yet despite being criticized for this potential decision, the odds are that Peterman has no complaints against him.

Peterman just won the school’s first state championship.

Hey, DeSoto school board: Peterman, a white man, just poured his heart into a low-paying job coaching a team of mostly black students to their dreams. DOESN’T SOUND LIKE HE’S A RACIST. Further, these kids probably just learned not to go through life obsessed with race, but to instead judge people by content of character.

Better fix that fast, Leftists.


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