PRESIDENTIAL? Green Party Candidate Jill Stein VANDALIZES Bulldozer, Will Be Charged

Though protests continue to rage against the Bakken Pipeline, most people aren’t paying too much attention because they’re preoccupied with the presidential race. Even so, the Green Party hasn’t found a way to get much press. Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson is polling surprisingly well for a third-party candidate.


But Jill Stein isn’t doing much better than Jeb these days. Which might be why she did this:

Perhaps Stein figured she’d borrow from the two frontrunners’ playbooks.

Criminal activity? Totally Hillary’s thing so far.

Boorish behavior? Donald Trump’s forte.

Combine the two, maybe that’s just the kick in the pants that Stein’s campaign needs!

Nah. Stein isn’t exactly in position to be relevant, with RealClearPolitics aggregating her current support at a whopping three percent. Maybe voter awareness will rise, at least.

Now, I’m no Trump fan. I don’t like his bloviating style and, frankly, I don’t trust that he intends to do anything he says he will. (I’m supporting this guy for this election. Real change, real fast.) However, the worst he’s really been guilty of is changing positions, making a bunch of promises, and speaking in a manner we don’t associate with statesmen. Big deal.

Meanwhile, it’s a pretty huge deal that Hillary Clinton thinks little of breaking our country’s laws — or of why they exist in the first place. And Stein just joined her with this act of criminal vandalism.

Don’t like what a private company is doing? Destroy their stuff. What does that mean for YOUR stuff if Stein’s in the Oval Office?


And what does Stein think about a person’s right to, say, vandalize HER stuff?

Bet she hasn’t thought about that head-scratcher — despite it being pretty much the bulk of a kindergartener’s coursework.

Now, three percent of the U.S. population supports her. That’s not going to get her the win, but it’s still over 9.5 million people.

Let that sink in.

Nearly 10 million people support a woman for president who thinks nothing of vandalizing private property because she doesn’t agree with them. Imagine her wielding the U.S. armed forces instead of a paint can.

Thankfully, not many Americans are that stupid. Yet. It could get worse. After all, 70 million people bought copies of Twilight.



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