Dems Playing God with Nature

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

In Genesis 1:6-7 of the New Living Translation of the Bible, God “separated the waters of the heavens from the waters of the Earth.” In the New King James Version of the Bible, God parted the water of the Red Sea in Exodus 14:15-22 and He parted the Jordan River in Joshua 4:1-18, Kings 2:5-9 and Kings 2:12. 


If our presidential election is decided in the favor of the Democratic Party, then they apparently plan to equal the feats described of God in the Bible by performing the following ten amazing controls of our planet, the solar system, and the stars.

  1. Stop nearby stars from going supernova
  2. Stop the solar system from moving through the Milky Way Galaxy
  3. Stop the Earth’s orbit from changing
  4. Stop the variation of the Earth’s tilt on its axis
  5. Stop the Earth’s rotational axis from wobbling
  6. Stop the sun from varying its intensity
  7. Stop the ocean currents from changing
  8. Regulate reflectivity from snow and ice
  9. Regulate evaporation of water from the oceans
  10. Stop the molten core of the Earth from varying its rotation

All of the aforementioned activities are major variables that control our planet’s climate through geologic history. To actually “stop climate change,” they are examples of what the Democrats, in particular, apparently think humanity is capable of doing. Earth has experienced ice ages and warm periods, little vegetation and lush vegetation, none of which was then or is now impacted by the presence of mankind.

Combating The Climate Crisis and Pursuing Environmental Justice” is the title of the segment of the 2020 Democratic platform that, if ever successfully implemented, could send America back to the days before the Industrial Revolution. Its nearly 3,000 words open with the following paragraph:


Climate change is a global emergency. We have no time to waste in taking action to protect Americans’ lives and futures. The last four years have seen record-breaking storms, devastating wildfires, and historic floods. Urban and rural communities alike have suffered tens of billions of dollars in economic losses. Dams have failed catastrophically in Michigan. Farmers’ crops have been drowned in their fields across the Midwest. Coastal communities from Florida to New Jersey are facing an existential crisis as a result of sea level rise and stronger storms. Thousands of Americans have died. And President Trump still callously and willfully denies the science that explains why so many are suffering.

The Democratic Party platform goes on to describe how, within 15 years (i.e., by 2035), they will “decarbonize” the nation and bring all activities to zero emissions, with power plants leading the way. In the next five years they plan to install a half-billion solar panels, 8 million solar roofs along with community solar grids, 60,000 wind turbines, and turn American ingenuity into jobs manufacturing renewable energy “solutions.” 

A Democratic administration will not likely achieve any of these wrong-headed plans, of course, but amidst their effort, the damage to our economy, which has long run on inexpensive energy, will be extraordinary.

To think that the Dems could accomplish the above 10 controls to Earth’s climate is absurd, of course. To clarify visually how just three of these movements currently occur, take a look at the following gifs:


Can anyone seriously believe that eliminating our carbon dioxide emissions is going to overwhelm all the natural drivers of climate and so be worth sacrificing the American economy for? 

The Democrats want us to believe that they are earnest social justice warriors, fighting for the rights and prosperity of the least well-off segment of society. Yet, if their plans were ever enabled, who would suffer the most? It would be the poor, of course, whose energy bills make up the largest percentage of their annual budget. What hypocrisy.


Dr. Jay Lehr is Senior Policy Analyst with the Ottawa, Canada-based International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) and former Science Director of The Heartland Institute. Tom Harris is ICSC Executive Director of and a policy advisor to The Heartland Institute.



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