CPAC: Recommended readings

The Tatler is back in our Hill Country lair, having traveled all day and into the deep night last night to get home. We’ll have a little photo post later in the day, of who and what we saw at the impressive PJTV interview set. Until then, here are some recommended retrospectives and posts from some of the other bloggers who were there.


Yid With Lid: What the media didn’t tell you.

Jennifer Rubin: What did we learn from CPAC?

Glittarazzi: Oops!

FTR Radio: Blogger Karaoke video (no, the Tatler is not captured on this tape)

Publius Forum: Ron Paul’s last straw with YAF

And, in case you missed it, ACU’s Suhail Khan says something that is provably untrue.


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