Will Hillary Democrats Actually Vote McCain?

Hillary Clinton made an historic speech last Saturday when she unequivocally endorsed Barack Obama, then asked her supporters to follow her lead to make sure he is elected. She was unflinching. She was unambiguous


I got the message. I will work unceasingly to keep John McCain from becoming president.

Many others did not.

In an interview I did with The New Republic, anti-Obama Clinton supporters were referred to as “dead-enders.” What an insult to these passionate people, who no one should believe are going away. The incoming emails I’m getting comes in screams:

Since I will never visit your site again, I shall speak frankly. You make me sick. (I would rather say this to you: @#@#&%*, but I’d rather not.) Nice headline Taylor. It’s been discounted by the campaign. And yet you have it up there saying she’ll take VP if offered. *#!@ you. – SN

I had Clinton’s back earlier than most. Stood up when others did not. Was vilified across the web for it. People are fickle. Frankly, I don’t care what people who once supported my efforts for Hillary say, do, write or believe. It’s their choice to turn a deaf ear to her, but I will have no part in it. They’re being tied to Senator Clinton and their unwillingness to accept what we cannot change at this point does little to help her, regardless of their righteousness, which is not in doubt.

…given your recent born-again attitude about obama and your inane reasoning for supporting hillary, every time i see your email – your name – in my inbox i about blow a gasket. for the sake of my health, please remove me immediately. i hope you come to your senses, but given the fact that you were a reagan democrat (which i just recently found out, otherwise i would never have signed up for your blog), it’s not likely. i guess it’s all about money first, then party, then country. too bad. i kind of liked what you had to say – when THAT was getting you traffic. karma’s a bitch, m’dear, hope you’re ready. – J.



….are you giving up on Senator Clinton? And if so why and you willing to through in the towel so easily? The media and the Democratic party need to answer for the way they have treated her. – anon.

you are a traitor and a slime sucking person, hope god saves a special place in hell for you. obama sucks like you. – A.L.

I’ve got hundreds of emails like these. They capture the heart of where many Hillary Democrats are today. Then there are others who say it’s likely only emails from Rush Limbaugh’s primary PR gambit, “Operation Chaos,” which as far as I’ve witnessed is just an attempt by El Rushbo to stay in the game after his own party’s nominee made him irrelevant.

One Hillary Clinton supporter who fought along side me during the primaries has a renewed mission: A Donation to Retire the Debt = A Slap in the Face to the D.N.C. The best way to put fury into positive action I’ve seen yet.

There’s another effort called the Million Woman March that has the possibility of making the biggest statement if they can pull it off. Their mission is clear, focused and positive, which is a real breath of fresh air in a anti-Obama atmosphere.

The Purpose of this blog is to organize Hillary Clinton supporters and anyone else who wishes to march at the Democratic Convention in August in support of Senator Clinton and Women’s Rights worldwide.


But will Hillary Democrats actually vote for John McCain?

They’re not playing nice so far, but it’s early. How many are there? Nobody knows, but an action they all have in common that is beginning to take hold should worry team Obama. These anti-Obama zealots are choosing to ignore McCain’s record in their fight against Barack. McCain’s votes, including on Iraq, his zero rating on women’s rights, the Supreme Court, all of it, are being ignored. What will women do when they read this story: The wife U.S. Republican John McCain callously left behind?

According to a new poll from Planned Parenthood that was commissioned through Peter Hart, 50% of of American women in key battleground states don’t know John McCain’s record on women’s reproductive rights. By the time the general election rolls around they will. Hillary Democrats may be mad now, but I’m betting they won’t scuttle their daughter’s and granddaughter’s civil rights on the altar of anger. McCain has voted against affordable family planning, cancer screening for low income women, sex education, and a host of other women’s issues, including ignoring the importance of equal pay.

Wow, just left hillaryis44 and they’ve already started to trash you big time!! … .. – Thomas

These die-hard anti-Obama voters are now spanning out across the internet, with Sean Hannity happy to play up the divisions on Hannity & Colmes. He featured a woman from “Just say no deal” that has sprung up where anti-Obama zealots can register. Their pitch is “if you thought you were alone, you’re wrong.” What they intend to do to change the outcome of the race is unknown. Getting on Fox is easy if you’re slamming Obama. Making an impact on the ground is hard.


But again, will these people really vote for John McCain?

I will NEVER vote for BO. I think we don’t know anything about him, as we do her, and this is just a popularity contest initiated by teenagers who would vote for 50 cent if given the chance. I was here for the post primary caucus and was subjected to a terrorizing night of having to guard ballots for three hours from the militant BO supporters because they did not allow us enough time to close the polls before the caucus mob pushed their way into the building. This is a clue of what is to come. I don’t want anything to do with it. There will not be any McBush signs in my yard, but I will not vote if need be… – CD

…His membership in his church speaks volumes about his real views. 20 years cannot be washed away. I will vote for Mc Cain. – JG

Or will they not vote?

It’s a long way to November.

Yet I’m also starting to hear a few voices rising, more and more everyday, who know we’ve got to find a way to heal. It’s all about Hillary Democrats getting respect.

I’d take it one step further. It’s about Hillary being shown respect from Senator Obama, his team and the entire Democratic Party who stood by silently while the media sexism boiled over without one peep from the political party who is supposed to be a champion for women’s rights.

In the end only Hillary can bring her supporters back into the fold and over to Obama. But Barack’s going to have to reach out to Hillary to make it happen.


The Democratic Party needs Hillary more than they know and her supporters are going to make sure they don’t forget it.


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