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One Paris Attacker Was Previously Known to French Authorities, Marks Fifth 'Known Wolf' Attack in France This Year ***UPDATED***

UPDATE: France24 reports that three of the individuals arrested today in Belgium near Brussels in connection with yesterday’s Paris terror attacks were known to French intelligence:

Original Post: For more than a year I’ve been reporting here at PJ Media that virtually all of the Islamic terror attackers involved in incidents in Western countries are already known to law enforcement, thus not the “lone wolf” that the media and political establishment continue to cite, but instead what I have termed as a “known wolf.”

And now reports are emerging that one of the bombers in last night’s horrific attacks in Paris was a “known wolf” with previously identified ties to the Islamic State:

The Associated Press reports:

Two French police officials say that authorities have identified one of the suicide bombers who targeted Paris in deadly attacks as a young Frenchman flagged in the past for links with an Islamic extremist activity.

The officials said the man was among attackers who blew himself up after a rampage and hostage-taking in a Paris concert hall.

Earlier, police officials said at least one suicide bombers who targeted another site, France’s national stadium, was found to have a Syrian passport.

None of the attackers has been publicly identified.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to be publicly named.

This would make the fifth “known wolf” attack in France this year:

Just last month I reported here at PJ Media that terrorists in two separate incidents were cases of “known wolf” terrorism — a suicide bomber who targeted a Kurdish peace rally in Ankara, Turkey, and also a Palestinian terrorist who rammed his car into a Jerusalem bus stop and then attacked onlookers.

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Until Western authorities openly acknowledge these repeated intelligence failures and begin to take action to address the problem, we can expect more instances of these “known wolf” terror attacks for the foreseeable future.