Terror Suspects Admit Plans to Form ISIS Army in the United States

A group of Muslim men in custody in New Jersey recounted their plans to train with ISIS and form an Islamic State army in the United States.

Alaa Saadeh told a judge that, before authorities arrested him in late June, he, along with his brother Nader Saadeh, Samuel Rahamin Topaz, and Munther Omar Saleh, discussed traveling overseas to train with the terror group in order to launch attacks on American soil.

The website Christian Today states:

After taking custody of Nader in August, the FBI said he sent “electronic messages expressing his hatred for the United States and desire to form a small army that would include their friends.”

“Saadeh conspired with his brother and others to travel overseas to join ISIL,” said Assistant Attorney General John Carlin said, according to the Christian News Network.

“Saadeh further admitted assisting Nader Saadeh with these plans by letting him purchase airline tickets using Saadeh’s credit card, removing the SIM card from Nader’s smartphone and resetting the smartphone in an effort to avoid detection,” the FBI said.

Alaa Saadeh also advised friends and associates to lie if authorities questioned them. Topaz admitted to the group’s plans as well when he was arrested in September.

The Saadeh brothers’ father Khaled urged his sons to join him in either Oman or Jordan in order to avoid the influence of the Islamic State.

“I did what I have to do like a father to protect my sons, but the government is not doing enough to protect our kids from this kind of group, who try to brainwash our kids,” he said.

Saadeh’s mother also begged them not to “go anywhere if you love me.”

The court will sentence Alaa Saadeh in early 2016.