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Mama Merkel Foresees War in Balkans If 'Migrant' Tide Halted

It’s deja-1914-vu all over again, courtesy of Germany, of course:

Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that closing borders within Europe could lead to military conflict in the Balkans as she once again sought to defend her refugee policies on Monday.  Speaking at a conference in Darmstadt in southern Germany, Merkel said that if Germany closed its border to Austria it could result in military conflict, reports Spiegel.

Merkel said that the fence built by Hungary on its border with Serbia “will build up fault lines“ between the states in the Balkan region, many of whom were involved in a bloody war in the 1990s. “I don’t want to it to happen that military conflict is once again necessary there,“ Merkel said, adding that while she didn’t want to be a harbinger of doom, escalations into violence happen more quickly than one thinks.

The chancellor said that a rise in tension between Balkan states is what led her to recently call a conference to discuss the refugee routes through the region. The danger is that if Germany closes its border then these countries will do likewise, she continued. Merkel added that it was Germany’s responsibility, as the largest state in the EU, to find a resolution to the problem that encourages solidarity rather than division.

“I am pretty sure we can achieve that,“ said the Chancellor.

So was Kaiser Willie back in the day, and look what happened to Europe. The fact is that this profoundly stupid woman has unleashed a disaster of potentially epic proportions upon Europe — and, as usual, it will be in the Balkans where the match will be set to Mama Merkel’s tinder.

Meanwhile, as if Merkel already isn’t bad enough:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says the world must do everything it can to meet an international goal to fight global warming, arguing that failing to do so could set off large new waves of refugees.

The U.N. and experts say governments’ emissions-cutting pledges ahead of a global conference in Paris beginning this month aren’t yet enough to hit the target of keeping the rise in global temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) by the end of this century compared with pre-industrial times.

Merkel said in a speech Tuesday “if we don’t manage this, that could be a reason for many, many refugee movements” around the world.

Or, she can just look in the mirror.