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Soldier in Suicide Bomber Costume Causes Chaos at Fort Bragg Gate

A soldier who thought it would be a good idea to dress up like a suicide bomber for Halloween on base ran into problems when he tried to enter Fort Bragg.

Explosive experts were called in and the gate was closed for an extended period of time.

Officials said the man was dressed in a simulated explosive vest, which is a prime example of the type of costume that is not allowed on post.

“Although the incident remains under investigation, initial reports indicate it was a Halloween costume,” a post on the Fort Bragg Facebook page said on Saturday.

“The senior commander of Fort Bragg further directs that soldiers not wear costumes of this sort off post and strongly encourages soldiers, (Department of the Army) civilians and family members to follow the same guidance to prevent similar issues within our neighboring communities,” the Facebook post said.

That post had to be taken down because the comments on it were “either profane, sophomoric, or did not treat the subject seriously.”


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