Hillary Clinton Tries to Emulate Barack Obama; Fails

During the GOP debate last night, Team Hillary thought it would be funny to mock the Republican candidates with a gif of Hillary from the Benghazi hearing:


That is a signature Obama move.

Clinton insiders have made no secret of her desire to emulate Barack Obama’s 2008 “historic” campaign as she makes her second bid for the White House.

Her kickoff campaign video featured the exact same constituencies Obama energized in his bids for the presidency —working women, minorities, gay voters.

She’s hired several of Obama’s top advisers to guide her bid, including pollster Joel Benenson and media strategist Jim Margolis. Even the name of her campaign organization, “Hillary for America,” is a throwback to “Obama for America.”

To reach the pop culture, Obama made many talk show appearances. He even busted some dance moves on Ellen.

Hillary is now trying to do the same by appearing on a number of late night and daytime TV talk shows.

But Hillary Clinton is no Barack Obama.

Her attempt to dance the Nae Nae on Ellen last month was impossibly awkward and made people cringe.  Even more embarrassing for her: the awfulness of it was predicted months ahead of time by a 20-something YouTuber named Jenna Marbles, who dressed up like Clinton in a parody video, and at one point did a spot-on impersonation of the 68-year-old grandmother dancing the Nae Nae.

Her sad attempt to connect with SnapChat users via her cheesy video “Just chillin’ in Cedar Rapids”  has been mocked mercilessly by the very people she was trying to impress. (If you have teenagers, you know what I’m talking about.)


And now, as you’ll see on the next page, she is trying to emulate the too-cool-for-his-shoes “No Drama Obama” brushing dirt off of his shoulder move.

You remember this from 2008, right?


Unfortunately, the “brush it off” move in the context of Benghazi doesn’t work out so well for Hillary.

Twitter users were appalled.

“Wow, you just gave the  more attention than you gave Amb Stevens’ 600 security requests,” said @hapkidobigdad.

Other Twitter users tweeted variations of the same theme:

Truth Revolt’s @benshapiro: “Interesting, you had the same reaction to your staffers dying in Libya.”

@DrewMTips: “See, it’s funny because 4 Americans died and she lied about why to their families and the nation to protect Obama.”

@JayCaruso: “I’m sure the families of 4 dead Americans are guffawing, Granny.”

Cue the SAD Trombone. Hillary failed again.



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