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Reince Priebus Very Upset with Debate Moderators that He Approved

After the GOP did its post-2012 “autopsy” one of the things we were promised was debate moderators who weren’t all barking DNC-inspired questions like trained chihuahuas.

What we got was Wednesday’s atrocity, a liberal hack fest that was so egregious even left-leaning Vanity Fair was quick to criticize it.

Even more bizarre than the fact that someone as incompetent as John Harwood has been able to hold down any kind of job was Reince Priebus hitting social media to complain, as he is the one responsible for approving tonight’s disaster.


Then Priebus promised to do what he already promised to do:


There is no excuse for the GOP to play nice with traditional media outlets for these debates anymore. This isn’t the late 20th century. If the NFL can livestream football games from London, the Republican Party can find less hostile organizations and alternative outlets for its debates.