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Sacramento Ponders Banning Loud, Smelly People from Public Transit

Sure, they’re the problem in the state capital.

Loud, smelly people could be asked to leave buses and light rail trains in Sacramento under new rules to be considered by transportation officials Monday night, the latest in a series of steps to make California’s capital city more transit-friendly.

The proposals come as Sacramento enjoys a downtown building boom that will eventually add a high-end basketball arena and a soccer stadium, amenities that officials hope will draw patrons to the area by light rail, bus or train.

“If we can make it more attractive or make it more enjoyable to use the light rail or bus, then people are more apt to use it,” said Alane Masui, spokeswoman for the Sacramento Regional Transit District.

Like many American cities, Sacramento fans out toward its suburbs in a sprawling metropolitan grid built more for automobiles than transit in most areas, and has struggled to win middle-class riders to its bus and light rail system.

This is classic politician (especially liberal politicians): talk a big game about helping the little people but make sure those icky poors stay far away.

At present, the California legislature could be swapped out for the public transportation undesirables and the state would probably have a better chance of surviving. If they really wanted to make Sacramento more attractive, they would work harder on once again making it the capital of a state that people wanted to move to, rather than flee from.