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As Jeb! Flounders, Big Brother George Is Enlisted for Help

What a difference six months can make.

Former President George W. Bush on Monday expressed confidence in his younger brother’s drive to win his White House bid despite sinking poll numbers and a retooled strategy that has the campaign reallocating resources and slashing budgets.

“It’s one reason Jeb is going to win because he’s a fierce competitor,” the former president told a crowd of his brother’s donors and supporters gathered at a closed-door meeting in Houston, Texas.

The elder Bush spoke to the unexpected challenges that can arise during a president’s administration – in reference to the September 11th attacks – and how his brother has the kind of background and steadiness needed to deal with those challenges if elected.

All of his help has come in private appearances recently, but it’s still an increased role. Just last April, the former president said he was going to “…stay out of Jeb’s way.”

It’s not just big brother who is pitching in as things go south for Jeb. This past Sunday, the New York Times did some epic concern trolling of the GOP with a prominent piece about George H.W. Bush.

This must be somewhat galling for the member of the family who has always been spoken of as the “smarter” one. While Jeb’s older brother goes to bat for him and touts the younger’s decision making, it’s worth wondering why he didn’t enlist the help of the only Republican to have won the White House since the 1980s sooner.