No Charges for Lerner: Corrupt Obama Administration Investigates Self, Finds No Evidence of Corruption

The Sovietization of America continues.

The Justice Department notified members of Congress on Friday that it is closing its two-year investigation into whether the IRS improperly targeted tea party and other conservative groups.

There will be no charges against former IRS official Lois Lerner or anyone else at the agency, the Justice Department said in a letter.

The probe found “substantial evidence of mismanagement, poor judgment and institutional inertia leading to the belief by many tax-exempt applicants that the IRS targeted them based on their political viewpoints. But poor management is not a crime.”

“We found no evidence that any IRS official acted based on political, discriminatory, corrupt, or other inappropriate motives that would support a criminal prosecution,” Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik said in the letter. “We also found no evidence that any official involved in the handling of tax-exempt applications or IRS leadership attempted to obstruct justice. Based on the evidence developed in this investigation and the recommendation of experienced career prosecutors and supervising attorneys at the department, we are closing our investigation and will not seek any criminal charges.”


The odds on Obama’s DOJ coming to a truthful conclusion about the White House using the IRS to target political opponents were never good. Absent any external force to be honest, the political process defaults to corruption. That external force in this case should be the voters but, as we’ve learned with Hillary Clinton, a great number of them are willing to give all sorts of aberrant behavior a free pass.

This country needs a political shakeup at all levels sooner rather than later, or it really is doomed. If American presidential administrations are allowed to deploy various Cabinet-level entities to shut down political opposition we’re not really America anymore.


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