U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Trying to Free Prisoners of ISIS

Via The New York Times:

An American soldier was fatally wounded on Thursday as American and Kurdish commandos raided an Islamic State prison in northern Iraq after learning that the prisoners faced imminent mass execution, the Pentagon said. The commando became the first American soldier killed in action in Iraq since the withdrawal in 2011.

The raid, near the town of Hawija, freed 70 prisoners, including Kurds and more than 20 Iraqi security forces, the Pentagon said in a statement. Five Islamic State fighters were detained and several killed, and American officials said important intelligence about the terrorist group was recovered.


Things are bound to get far worse in Iraq before they get better, if they ever get better. There is always talk during election cycles about foreign policy finally coming to the fore, which is rarely does. For the sake of the entire planet, let us hope that this is the election when it finally is given some prominence.

This news came as Hillary Clinton was testifying before the Benghazi committee. One shudders to think of her being Commander-in-Chief and in charge of all the Americans in harm’s way in an increasingly dangerous world.


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