FBI and Secret Service Probing Hack of CIA Director's Email

Via Reuters:

The FBI and U.S. Secret Service have opened criminal inquiries into the hacking of a private email account used by CIA Director John Brennan and his family, the FBI said on Thursday.

The investigations followed the posting on social media earlier this week by the hackers of data stolen from an AOL account. Intelligence officials said the account was used by Brennan and his family, but was not used to transmit or store government secrets.

“The FBI is investigating this matter jointly with the U.S. Secret Service. As this is an ongoing investigation, we declined further comment,” said a spokeswoman at Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters in Washington.


The most shocking part of this story, as was repeatedly pointed out on social media, is that someone in America still has an AOL account in 2015.

With cyberspace being the Wild West when it comes to almost everything, but especially security, it might be wise for high-ranking government officials involved in any matters of national importance to be banned from having any access to personal email accounts while on the job. It sounds extreme, but do you want to trust someone who has an AOL account to be discerning when it comes to which email account is appropriate for what?

Seriously, this and the Hillary email scandal show that the government may not be paying proper attention to cybersecurity. Perhaps this will spur some action before something truly catastrophic happens.


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