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Democrat Congressman: 'Very Good Source' Says 'Biden Will Run'

Amidst chatter that Biden will officially make a decision “in the next 48 hours,” one Democrat congressman is saying that it’s a sure thing.

Rep Brendan Boyle (D-PA-13) said on Twitter this morning that “a very good source” has confirmed to him that Vice President Joe Biden will be jumping into the race.

So this should just about wrap it up for Hillary — and sadly whomever the Republican candidate ends up being. Not that Joey “Choo-Choo” Biden will be a particularly impressive or formidable candidate; he won’t be. He’ll be a non-stop geyser of giggle-inducing gaffes — much like the current Republican frontrunner.

But any Democrat who is not obviously corrupt and possibly on the verge of being indicted will have a big demographic advantage over the Republican. The “unlikable” and “untrustworthy” Hillary was the most beatable candidate for Republicans.


Fox News is now reporting the same thing: