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Southeastern Europe Heading for 'Migrant' Chaos

Predictably, the Hungarians’ sealing of their borders with Serbia and Crotia has now displaced the tidal wave of “migrants” into Slovenia, creating a bottleneck:

Thousands of migrants seeking to reach Western Europe were stranded in fog and cold weather in Croatia and Serbia on Sunday, a day after Hungary closed its border with Croatia and the flow of people was redirected to a much slower route via Slovenia. Tiny Slovenia has said it will only take in 2,500 people a day, significantly stalling the movement of people across the Balkans as they flee wars and poverty in countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. On Saturday, over 6,000 people reached Croatia, and most of them were stuck in the country on Sunday.

The migrant route switched to Slovenia early Saturday after Hungary’s right-wing government closed its border to Croatia for the influx, citing security concerns and saying it wants to protect the European Union from an uncontrolled flow of people.

Note how the AP characterizes the government of Viktor Orban as “right-wing,” even though it is reacting defensively to an unprovoked invasion from the Muslim Middle East. Via the BBC:

Thousands of migrants are crossing into Slovenia from Croatia after Hungary closed its border to them. About 4,000 have arrived in Slovenia, the UN refugee agency says. Most aim to travel on to Austria, Germany and other countries. Slovenia’s army has been placed on standby to help police deal with the influx, Prime Minister Miro Cerar said. He said Slovenia would accept the migrants as long as Austria and Germany kept their borders open.

And there’s the problem. Without the German magnet, the “refugees” from “Syria” would have nowhere to go and no reason to go there. Look for Austria to break ranks with the Vaterland soon and close its borders to the east and south. And then what happens?