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Barbara Boxer Urges Biden to Stay Out of Race and Endorse Hillary Clinton

Just two old folks jawing…

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer is urging Vice President Joe Biden to stay out of the Democratic presidential race and instead support Hillary Clinton, Politico reported on Thursday.

After months of deliberating on the issue, Biden is expected to announce this month if he will seek the nomination, as he did in 2008 and 1988, and a political action committee has been urging him to do so.

Boxer, who was a colleague of Biden’s during his long years in the Senate, told Politico on Wednesday that there was no reason for him to run. She was speaking after a televised debate on Tuesday among the Democrats who have announced they are running.

“I just don’t think there’s a rationale for his campaign,” the California senator said. “I think he should endorse Hillary and go out that way.”

Translation: We want a coronation, we’ve planned a coronation, and, damn it, we’re going to have a coronation so just shut up.

The arrogance of one of the least-accomplished multi-term United States senators telling the sitting vice president that she doesn’t see a rationale for his campaign is otherworldly galling. As any student of American history knows, the rationale for the presidential campaign of any sitting vice president is that, um, he’s the sitting vice president.

Biden may actually be amenable to listening to members of Congress but he’s probably getting the opposite advice from his boss, who remains a decided non-fan of Hillary Clinton.

One thing is certain: after Bernie Sanders decided to avoid attacking Hillary over the email scandal or her wealth, he’s not at all serious about derailing this coronation.