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In Britain, the Unholy Left Gets Ugly

When even British journalists are grossed out with the antics of what I call in The Devil’s Pleasure Palace the Unholy, or satanic, Left. you know Labour and the worldwide fascist movement has a problem:

Congratulations Tory conference protestors – thanks to you I will never vote Labour again. I suppose that’s OK with you – I’m probably the “wrong” kind of voter. The problem, though, is that there may be countless people like me – and you’re effectively ending any chance of Labour being a political force, let alone a party of power, for the foreseeable future… After seeing what happened in Manchester this week, I have sworn off Labour for good. I’m done with them. No leader can win me back. They may one day have great policies, they may have a leader I would be proud to represent us on the world stage.

But lurking on the acceptable fringes of the party lie the types of people who think it’s OK to call female delegates “whores” who “deserve to be raped”. High ranking types who call Tories “Nazis”. Tweeters who compare an elected government minister’s policies with death camps. The type of people who think violence is fine because they don’t agree with their ideas on what is best for the country. Ideas that were voted for by 11 million people in May.

And these people were represented by a handful of thugs in Manchester this week. They shouted, swore, spat, hurled abuse and intimidated Tory voters, Tory members, members of the press affiliated to all sides of the spectrum. People like me. And now, when I think of Labour, these are the people I think of.

Who wouldn’t? Check at the videos at the link above, including the egging of a Tory supporter. Unless and until the modern Left comes to grip its violent origins in the National Socialist German Workers Party — which it never will — expect more, and worse.