Video: Donald Trump Is Like Your Annoying Drunk Neighbor

A Kansas City-based comedy troupe thought it might be fun for people to hear actual Donald Trump statements rearticulated from the mouth of a sloshed yokel (who has too many dogs and a drinking problem).


Via Friend Dog Studios:

If you close your eyes while listening to presidential hopeful Donald Trump, you can see and smell that neighbor you have with too many dogs and a drinking problem.

On a more *sober* note over at Reason, Dilbert creator Scott Adams explains how Trump is able to win people over with “nothing more than random insults and ignorant bluster.”

“What I [see] in Trump,” says Adams, is “someone who was highly trained. A lot of the things that the media were reporting as sort of random insults and bluster and just Trump being Trump, looked to me like a lot of deep technique that I recognized from the fields of hypnosis and persuasion.”

One such technique is what Adams describes as a “linguistic kill shot,” in which Trump uses an engineered set of words that changes or ends an argument decisively. According to Adams, when Trump describes Jeb Bush as low energy, Carly Fiorina as robotic, or Ben Carson as nice, he’s imprinting a label you already feel about these people. They’re not random insults, but linguistic kill shots that you can never get out of your mind.




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