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They Got Rid of Boehner. Next Question

One of the least attractive and least pleasant of the current GOP crop of presidential candidates is Ohio Governor John Kasich, who for some unknown reason has tossed his hat into the ring. The very image of a modern RINO squish, Kasich is incensed that his fellow Buckeye, the soon-to-be former speaker of the House, just got taken down by conservative rabble:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is telling anti-establishment Republicans in the House to “look in the mirror” before attacking outgoing Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). “The people who keep saying that they want things to happen, what have they accomplished? What have they gotten done?” Kasich asked on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday. “A lot of the people who are doing the complaining and saying, ‘Why isn’t anything getting done?’ – maybe they ought to look in the mirror,” he added.

Kasich, who served with Boehner in the House for 10 years, said his fellow Ohio Republican is a real reformer who got things done during his congressional tenure. “I was there in the 90s when we actually got things done,” Kasich said. “We changed the welfare system which had been in place for about 40 years, we balanced the budget of which I was the chief architect, and we cut taxes, the economy was growing, and we were doing great. When I left Washington, we had a $5 trillion surplus, and Boehner sat at the leadership table right next to me,” he said.

The GOP presidential hopeful said it takes experience in government to get things done.

Which is precisely why Kasich’s candidacy will go nowhere. The restive conservatives have had a belly full of Republicans “getting things done.” Right now, they’re looking for heads on pikes.