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Why Walker Failed and Why Fiorina Is In for Trouble

Amy Walter has a perceptive essay about the now-suspended candidacy of governor Scott Walker:

Candidates matter: I was one of the many out there that called the Wisconsin Governor an early frontrunner. So, what did I get wrong? On paper, he looked really good. I thought that his success in defeating public employee unions in his state would appeal to the restive Tea Party faction of the party, while his success at winning re-election (twice) in a blue state would get him plaudits (and cash) from the donor/establishment class. That was a great theory. It just never panned out. Some blame the rise of Donald Trump for Walker’s woes. And, while Trump definitely hogged the spotlight this summer, he wasn’t ultimately responsible for Walker’s sinking poll numbers. Walker’s problems were self-inflicted. He was terrible on his feet (witness the Canadian border fence and birthright citizenship imbroglios). And for a guy who boasted of being a “bold” conservative, he sure seemed willing to alter his views whenever he was seriously challenged (see: immigration, gay marriage). This left him as a man without a country. He couldn’t out-Trump Trump with the Tea Party/conservative crowd. His poor debate performances and issue pandering made him less appealing to the establishment donor crowd.

Like Ms. Walter, I felt Walker would be among the strongest GOP candidates, based on his track record of pounding the bejesus out of the violent Left and the public-employee unions in Wisconsin. Oops.

She also has some thoughts on the current state of the race. Here’s one:

Carly Fiorina is on fire, but it’s amazing how quickly – and intensely – the blowback on her record at HP has been. It’s a liability to be sure. And, for someone who likes to attack Hillary Clinton for a lack of accomplishments, Fiorina’s depiction of her resume has some serious holes as well. Even so, is her tenure at HP more of a liability than, say, the statements made by Trump, Huckabee, Cruz and Carson on immigration, gay marriage or Islam? That’s for GOP voters to decide. But, for a party still suffering a case of Romney-induced political PTSD, a CEO who laid off thousands and took a multi-million dollar golden parachute she may just be the right candidate with the wrong resume.

The Democrats see Fiorina as Mitt Romney in a dress, and can’t wait to tear her apart. After all, by their lights, she’s not a “real” woman, is she?

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