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Iran Deal 'Side Effects' Satirized in Director David Zucker Video


The mad genius behind the film franchises Airplane! and Naked Gun  thinks the Iran nuclear deal is terrible. So he set about making a satirical video, using as his inspiration the erectile dysfunction ads created by Cialis.

Washington Free Beacon:

“Every prescription drug ad follows the same basic pattern—5 seconds of how amazing and wonderful the drug would be, and then 25 seconds of all the miserable side effects,” Zucker said in an interview with the Washington Free Beacon.

Born out of the realization that the Iran deal similarly does little good and has countless lasting side-effects was Zucker’s latest ad, which mirrors most closely the commercials for erectile dysfunction pill Cialis and portrays President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton negotiating with Iran’s “death to America”-shouting Mullahs.

The soothing music and calm voice, hallmarks of any drug commercial, are indicative of the message from the administration that there is no need to panic over news that Iran will get $150 billion in sanctions relief and that U.S. inspectors won’t be able to access Iranian nuclear sites.

“We had the announcer read the ad in a very soothing fashion, just like in the ads,” said Zucker. “The salesmen of this Iran deal, just like prescription drugs, want to make sure that nobody is panicking. But I am panicking.”

Zucker compared Obama to Leslie Nielsen’s Frank Drebin character in Naked Gun, who famously waved his hands telling onlookers that there was “nothing to see here” even as explosives burst into the sky behind him.

Surely, Mr. Zucker can’t be serious.

Yes, he is serious. And don’t call him Shirley.

If Obama is Frank Drebin, how about John Kerry as Lloyd Bridges’character Steve McCroskey in Airplane (“I picked a helluva week to quit drinking/smoking/glue sniffing”)? Hillary could play the Barbara Billingsley role of “Jive Lady” (“Oh, stewardess. I speak jive”).

And Ayatollah Khamenei would be perfect in the Sonny Bono role of the mad bomber in Airplane II.

The remake is coming soon to a theater near you.