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Germany Faces 'Migrant' Hangover as the People Cry Uncle

Looks like the feel-good story of the year is already turning sour:

Angela Merkel’s abrupt decision to reinstate controls on Germany’s border with Austria followed a hectic weekend during which the chancellor faced intense pressure from state and local officials expected to house and feed the growing wave of asylum seekers heading to the country.

Their message to the German leader: genug, enough.

In many cases local governments have proved unable to cope with the large numbers. “The mood is changing, and fast,” said a senior official from Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union. At a meeting of the party’s executive committee on Monday, state and local representatives made it clear they were overwhelmed by the masses. “Every mayor likes to be a good German, as long as the refugees are not put into his gym,” the source said.

Merkel’s incredibly stupid decision to throw open Germany to the tender mercies of hordes of middle-eastern Muslims will have nasty ramifications for decades and decades to come — and all because German women have decided they can’t be bothered to have children to support the welfare state. Meanwhile:

Support for the Alternative for Germany (AfD), a right-wing party that backs a tough line on immigration, has risen to its highest level in nearly four months as an influx of refugees from the Middle East gathers pace, a poll showed on Tuesday. The INSA poll for German daily Bild showed support for the AfD, which was dogged by infighting in the first half of the year and saw its founder break away to form a new party, climbing to 5.5 percent, its highest level since late May.

The survey also showed support for German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc slipping 1.5 points to 40 percent, still the strongest party by far, but its lowest reading since late June. Merkel was feted in Germany earlier this month for opening Germany’s borders to refugees fleeing war in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, but has since backtracked amid an outcry from the leaders of Germany’s 16 federal states.

And in near-neighbor Hungary:

Hungary is using razor wire and a 100-mile fence to keep out unauthorized migrants and refugees who have flooded the country by the thousands in recent days. And those who can’t be kept out with backstops and barricades will be jailed under new laws that punish people more harshly for being in the country illegally, officials said. A record 5,809 migrants entered Hungary in a new surge on Sunday, smashing the previous day’s record of 4,330, according to Hungarian police.

Hungary’s southern border with Serbia is just one several routes taken by hundreds of thousands of desperate refugees fleeing persecution and fighting in Syria and other parts of the Middle East and Africa. Once in Hungary, most migrants seek to travel on to Western Europe, particularly to Germany and Sweden, via Austria. But Hungary — and its 13-foot fence — is saying “no more.”

That’s because Hungary, like other eastern-European states, has vivid memories of being conquered by Islamic armies and suffering mightily. As the Germans will soon enough find out.