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Hillary Emails: Here's a Proposed Mission Statement for Hillary Rodham Clinton University

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The email was one of several from ad guru Roy Spence, who’s been working with Hillary to sharpen her brand. From the Washington Post in February:

Spence, who got to know Bill and Hillary Clinton when they worked in Texas on George McGovern’s 1972 presidential campaign, tried to steer Clinton out of a rough patch in 2008 after her early losses to Obama. He is credited with soft-focus initiatives to reveal what he called “Hillary’s heart.”

Spence’s emails to Hillary in last night’s email dump, which included correspondence from 2010, are quite affectionate.

“Hi Sis. My name is Roy Spence and I love you and I miss you a lot. And I have no idea how you keep on keeping on doing whatever it takes to lift people-everywhere up-championing your Core Purpose of Fighting and digging deep for the opportunity for each person to be able to live up to their God Given Potential. Here and Around the world,” he wrote on April 6, 2010.

“The struggle for an Iran that is more concerned about its people than false power. The relentless quest to stabilize the un-stable. The never give up journey to inspire and empower women and young girls to have a seat at the table of full opportunity. The pursuit for opening doors of happiness for those who struggle with the unimaginable. The steady. The Steadfast. The unwavering commitment to the dream-not the hope-but the dream of a better USA and world for all. The tough and uncompromising ‘pretend leaders’ whom you have negotiate with. The opinion rich and caring poor arrogance of the mean spirited. The stuff that is on the news but is not really the real news,” Spence continued.

“The love and respect you give freely to all whom love life and liberty and opportunity for all. The raw respect that you have earned in the trenches of real fears, real love and real longing for a village that is dedicated to raising a village and its children. So I say to a beloved and dear love one-that be you-I love you. I respect you. I miss you. I cherish every moment of our remarkable journey together.”

Hillary forwarded that email to an aide with the direction “Pls print.”

In a May 30, 2010, email, Spence sends her a link to a liberal blog with the subject line, “Hillary Clinton is now the most popular politician in America who has held elected office.”

“Well,” Hillary replied, followed by a line of redacted text. “When will come in so we can catch up?”

In his reply noting that he was setting up a time with Clinton’s assistant, Spence added, “Love you so.”