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#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Taunt Police with 'Disgusting Chant' While Being Protected by Them (Video)

On Saturday, while 20,000 “All Lives Matter” supporters marched in Birmingham, Alabama, hundreds of “Black Lives Matter” protesters were disrupting the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul, marching and chanting slogans about racial injustice to the throngs of fairgoers.

One of the chants incensed the police officers who were at the fair to protect the protesters.

They chanted, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.”

Via WCCO, CBS Minnesota: 

 Police Federation President Dave Titus says the threatening refrain is divisive, dangerous and won’t lead to improved police relations.


What officers and many others find offensive is also protected free speech.  But in this particular case what is ironic is that those voicing the chant were also being protected by very officers targeted.

“Statements and chants like that are just ignorant – I find it absolutely disgusting,” Officer Titus said.

Titus called the protester’s chant both dangerous and outrageous. All the more so Titus says, because it came just hours after a Texas deputy was gunned down in cold blood.

“I don’t think chanting or singing what’s basically promoting killing police officers is peaceful,” Titus said.

According to WCCO, march organizers say “they are not about to apologize.”

“I don’t think any cop cares if there’s an apology,” Titus responded. “Just knock it off.”

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