Much Needed Reminder About the Perils of 'Routine' Police Work

It’s dangerous out there.

A Louisiana police officer responding to a call of a man stabbing women was fatally shot Wednesday afternoon, authorities said.

One of the women who was stabbed also died, Deputy Sheriff Paul DiCapo of the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office said.


Cops have been getting beat up in the press a lot in the past year, and not just by the people mad about Ferguson or Baltimore. Libertarians (and many conservatives) like to whine about the “militarization” of police forces.

One thing that most people don’t consider is that, even with all the variables life presents us on any given day, cops run a significantly greater risk of being killed on a normal work day than any of us who aren’t battlefield combatants. Critics of police ponder abstracts and wonder why cops involved in altercations can’t just hit “slow-mo” and spend a few quality moments thinking about what they are going to do. They’re the worst kind of armchair quarterback.

It’s dangerous out there and police personnel have every right to be skittish, even more so now that some of the most powerful people in the United States (looking at you, Mr. President) have no problem throwing them under the bus.


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