Walmart to Stop Selling 'Assault Rifles'

Walmart has announced it will stop selling AR-15s and other “assault rifles” because there is lower consumer demand for them “rather than for political reasons.”


AR-15s aren’t really assault rifles, as a matter of fact. “Intermediate-caliber rifle, chambered for cartridges such as 7.62x39mm, with a selector switch that determines full or semi-automatic fire, such as the M16, and that is the standard infantry weapon of modern armies. The term is purposely and wrongly applied by anti-gun forces to AR-style rifles, which function as semi-automatics only.”

“The world’s largest retailer will replace rifles, which are sold at about one third of its U.S. stores, with shotguns and other hunting weapons. Quartz reported the news earlier.”

I hope they increase their ammunition stock, as it’s still hard to find certain rounds.

“There wasn’t a whole lot of demand for those products so we replaced them with products we have seen customers coming into purchase it,” Walmart spokesman Kory Lundberg told Fortune.

Walmart, the single largest seller of guns and ammunition, has been targeted by the gun grabbers and pressured to stop selling firearms.


The move by Walmart comes as firearms makers struggle with declining sales: Remington Outdoor Group last week reported that its sale of firearms fell 13.3% in the first half of the year, while Smith & Wesson’s overall sales saw a 12% drop. Sales often spike when gun enthusiasts believe there will be tighter gun laws put in place, then often slip when those concerns pass.

Lundberg said the retailer has been phasing out modern sporting rifles “for a while and within the next week or two, MSRs shouldn’t be in any more stores.”

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