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Media Bias 101: Scott Walker/Black Lives Matter Edition

Here is the headline:

Walker rejects meeting with Black Lives Matter leaders

Pretty harsh, huh? They offered to meet with him and he flat-out rejected them. At least that is what is clearly implied here.

Well…maybe that’s not exaclty how it went.

He was later asked if he would meet with representatives of Black Lives Matter, an activist group focusing on shootings by police of African-American citizens, Walker appeared to stumble, saying, “Who knows who that is? I meet with voters. Who knows who that is.” When reporters asked for elaboration, Walker said he would “talk to American voters.”

In reality he was hit with a hypothetical and never really said no to anything.

It’s ridiculous to expect presidential candidates to meet with self-appointed leaders of protest groups just because the Democrats love that kind of dog-and-pony show.

This headline is an intentional lie designed to make Scott Walker appear racist, pure and simple.

It’s also indicative about why so many of us are clamoring for Republican candidates who can man-handle the press.