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CNN Working Hard to Replace the New York Times as the Official Media Wing of the Democratic Party

CNN wants to be clear that it doesn’t like any immigration policy that doesn’t conform to the Democrats’ vision of what immigration policy should be.

In the past twenty-four hours, they’ve made sure to hit both men leading the GOP polls.

First, they found a former Hillary Clinton aide to take a swing at Donald Trump on immigration.

Then, when Jeb Bush seemed to be drifting Trump’s way ever-so-slightly, they trotted out an MSNBC darling (yes, that’s how desperate CNN is) to go after him.

The network has been making its living off of Trump-bashing for a month now. The Donald is its new missing Malaysian Airlines flight — he’s practically all they cover. So it is no surprise that they’d go after him on any topic. The subtle bias comes in the form of the Hillary operative. She gets to drop the Clinton name in the post a couple of times, all the while implying that Hillary is more compassionate than Trump.

Hillary isn’t more compassionate than anyone.

Perhaps CNN is merely trying to capture the disgruntled leftists who have been fleeing the MSNBC brand recently. That would make some sense, if one assumes that demographic is actually looking for somewhere to go.

More plausibly, perhaps since it is a modern American, non-Fox News media entity, it reflexively belches Democrat talking points.

RIP Journalism.