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Game Changer: Kasich Secures Critical Charles Barkley Endorsement

Call it.

If Charles Barkley had to vote tomorrow, he’d vote for John Kasich.

“Right now I like John Kasich, the governor of Ohio,” the retired basketball star said on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike Show” Wednesday. “He’s the only person that I’m really paying attention to right now, to be honest with you.”

Barkley said he usually votes for Democrats, but lately has been considering switching allegiances.

I have yet to meet one Republican who can give me a reason to vote for Kasich other than “he’s from Ohio.” How refreshing it will be if one day the GOP learns how to be competitive in presidential races without the need to relentlessly focus on one state.

Given Kasich’s use of Democrat talking points to justify the Obamacare Medicaid expansion in Ohio, voting for him won’t be much of a stretch for Barkley. Barkley also mentioned that he’d like to see Elizabeth Warren run.

As would everyone having dinner at the White House tonight.