Mark Levin: 'Nobody Talks About OUR Kids as Dreamers'

Touring for Plunder and Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future, best-selling author and syndicated radio host Mark Levin Levin recently spoke to a crowd of more than 1,000 people at his “favorite place,” the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Tickets to the event sold out in just 11 minutes.


Levin discussed important issues that face the people who will inherit the Earth — our youth. He touched upon issues such as jobs, student loan debt, and the impact that illegal immigration will have on the next generation. Levin called out the DREAM Act “Dreamers”:

When is the last time — when is the first time our kids were discussed when we discussed immigration? How can it be that illegal immigrant kids are “dreamers?” Nobody talks about our kids as “dreamers.”

Over 11 million illegal aliens are scattered throughout our country, many of them children and young adults, making it much harder for American children to find jobs. Levin cited statistics for technology, science, math, and engineering jobs:

Almost 30 percent of young people who graduated in these majors can’t get jobs in those positions, and yet you will hear politicians, including conservatives, say we need tens of thousands more of these H1B visas to bring in more and more people who have these skills. But we have people who have these skills, too.

Levin then challenged today’s youth:

Do you want to live in freedom and prosperity? If you don’t, then you can continue to vote this way and support this way and follow what your Marxist professors tell you and what Hollywood tells you and so forth, but you’re going to be the poorest generation in many generations.


He added words of encouragement, as many Americans feel our country faces a grim future:

My attitude is, I don’t give up hope.

I think the hour is late. But I don’t give up hope that we, as parents and grandparents, press our case, tens of millions of us, we will have a bigger effect than any college or university, any media out there, if we stick to it and we push it.

The first teacher a child has is their parent — kids listen and learn from the day they are born. Values are taught, not inherited, so arming children with knowledge and the courage to think independently will make a world of difference.

Encouraging them to read Plunder and Deceit serves that purpose.


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