This Guy Wants to Be a 'Referendum President' Because Bernie's Not Far-Left Enough

A Harvard law professor and campaign-finance reform activist has launched an exploratory committee to run for president — or at least to be president until he passes one great bill that guarantees equality for all.


Noting that none of the current candidates cut the mustard on “real” reform, Lessig proposes being a “referendum” president who would serve only as long as it takes to establish reforms that eliminate all inequality: the Citizen Equality Act of 2017.

Then, he says, the elected vice president would become president and fill out the term.

“The candidate is the referendum. The campaign is for that referendum.”

Lessig says that if they crowd-fund enough money, but none of the current candidates will commit to his idea of a referendum president, “then I will enter the race as a referendum candidate.”

“I would make citizen equality central to this election … this would be the clearest peaceful rally for equal democracy in our lifetime.”

He acknowledged “there should be someone better than me” to run on his referendum idea. “I have tried to recruit them, and if someone better known credibly commits to making this run I would happily step aside.”

“…This is our shot to make democracy possible. We need to take it now.”

Lessig aims to raise $1 million by Labor Day to “un-rig the rigged system.” If the goal is not met, donors get their money back.


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