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Rand Paul Takes Lead in Assault Against Trump

No doubt seeking to distinguish himself among the many GOP presidential contenders who are not Donald Trump, Senator Rand Paul has this week taken an aggressive stance against the frontrunner’s campaign. From Time, reporting on a conference call Paul had with journalists:

Paul explained his decision to go aggressively negative on Trump, the reality television star and real estate magnate. “If no one stands up to a bully, a bully will keep doing what they’re doing,” Paul said. “And unless someone points out that the emperor has no clothes, they’ll continue to strut about and what we’ll end up with is a reality TV star as the nominee if we’re not careful.”

Looking beyond next year’s caucuses and primaries, Paul pointed to an anticipated brick wall which Trump’s campaign would collide with in the general:

Paul noted that recent polling shows Trump trailing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in hypothetical head-to-head match-ups, while he and Clinton are neck-and-neck.

“You know while some people are excited by fat jokes and stupid jokes, I think there are a lot of people in the general election, independents as well as probably many women voters aren’t really that entertained by this and I think it shows in the polls,” he said.

Paul isn’t the only candidate taking shots at Trump, but he appears to be the only one making contrast with the Donald a centerpiece of his campaign.