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Hillary Clinton's Campaign Ad Frigid at Best

When you hear the words Hillary Clinton what comes to mind? A doting wife, mother, and now grandmother who is devoted to her family? How about a brilliant Secretary of State who puts her country first? A champion of woman’s rights paving the way for generations of young girls to follow?

In her latest campaign ad “Family Strong”, Hillary tries hard to sound genuine while reading her cue cards, but she just can’t muster enough sincerity from her bitter frozen heart to sound anything more than apathetic.

Hill reminisces about her mother, who was abandoned as a child, teaching her to never give up and credits her as the reason why she stands up for kids. That would be a charming story if it hadn’t been overshadowed by her defense of a child rapist during the 70’s and her unwavering support for Planned Parenthood. She made a special campaign commercial showing her loyalty to the death factory, even though it appears that they sell human baby parts for profit. Now those are some powerful family values!

They talk about how patriotic she is going to work for President Obama, the man who “defeated” her  as Secretary of State, because when “your president calls you serve”. Funny how she neglects to mention that under her watch, we lost 4 Americans in the attacks on Benghazi. Saul Alinsky would be proud.