Hillary to Study the Plight of Working Americans at $2700/Plate Hamptons Fundraiser

Just a regular gal.

Hillary Clinton has added yet another Hamptons fundraiser to her late August vacation in the well-heeled beach enclave — this one catered by former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s brother.

For between $500 and $2,700 per person (top prices include a photo op with the former secretary of state), supporters are invited to the East Hampton home of Hilary Leff and entertainment lawyer Elliot Groffman, on Sunday, Aug. 30, where singer-songwriter Dar Williams will also give a special performance, according to an invite obtained by POLITICO.


Here’s the real problem for America going forward: there is a large chunk of the American electorate so stupid they believe Her Madameship cares about working Americans, and they can easily propel her to victory. Never mind that Hillary is so imperious now that Queen Elizabeth II is calling her for tips on how to up her own game, the voting Democrat public questions nothing in their pursuit of checking off another “historic” diversity White House victory from their political bucket list.

The bright side here is that this event is being catered by Anthony Weiner’s brother, so there should be an unending stream of snide remarks about cocktail sausages.


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