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Uh-Oh: FBI Looking Into Hillary Clinton's Private Email Arrangement

Last week, it was the New York Times that had the Hillary campaign in fits with its front-page story on two federal inspectors general requesting a criminal investigation into her unprecedented email arrangement while she was secretary of State. After some blowback from Team Hillary, the Times eventually softened the wording from “criminal inquiry” to  “inquiry.”

On Tuesday night, the Washington Post chimed in with its own damaging report.

The FBI has begun looking into the security of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private e-mail setup, contacting in the past week a Denver-based technology firm that helped manage the unusual system, according to two government officials.

Also last week, the FBI contacted Clinton’s lawyer, David Ken­dall, with questions about the security of a thumb drive in his possession that contains copies of work e-mails Clinton sent during her time as secretary of state.

The FBI’s interest in Clinton’s e-mail system comes after the intelligence community’s inspector general referred the issue to the Justice Department in July. Intelligence officials expressed concern that some sensitive information was not in the government’s possession and could be “compromised.” The referral did not accuse Clinton of any wrongdoing, and the two officials said Tuesday that the FBI is not targeting her.

Kendall confirmed the contact, saying: “The government is seeking assurance about the storage of those materials. We are actively cooperating.”

A lawyer for the Denver company, Platte River Networks, declined to comment, as did multiple Justice Department officials.

The Clinton camp is of course keeping a stiff upper lip, but being the subject of an FBI investigation is obviously not good for any candidate — especially one running for president.

You have to wonder at this point which paper is going to be the Ronda Rousey of news outlets and land the death blow that puts the battle-axe out of contention. My money is on the deliciously evil New York Times — aka the house organ of the Obama White House. I suspect that whoever appears in the ring to take her place will be 100 times more heinous than Hillary — and a much more viable candidate.







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