Here's How Jim Gilmore Thinks He Can Win the GOP Nomination

Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore insists that he’s the “entire package” for the GOP presidential nomination — something nobody else in the field has.


“I am a governor and governors are considered legitimate for this debate in this presidential campaign. A governor has run a state. He understands what is going on. But I have an additional component. The fact that I’m a United States Army veteran, a degree in Soviet affairs, that I chaired the National Commission on the Homeland Security for the United States, I was governor during the 9/11 attack so I have foreign policy credentials to go along with gubernatorial credentials and that combination doesn’t exist elsewhere in the field,” Gilmore told CNN.

Still, Gilmore ran in 2008 and didn’t make it far.

“I think it will be a long race,” he said. “…After a while, the people of the country will say, ‘Look, I’m tired of the circus. I want a candidate who understands my concerns, jobs, opportunities.’ And my real concern about the international threat. I’m addressing those issues and I’m capable of doing that.”

Gilmore said if Virginia law had allowed him to serve more than one term “there wouldn’t have been a budget shortfall” when he left office.

“I’m not concerned about Donald Trump. I’m more concerned about the opportunity…to get my ideas out there, the idea of revitalizing the economy and the deep experience I have to address the international crisis. It’s very real. The danger of the United States is serious,” he said.


“We have multiple challenges at this point because of the weakness of the Obama/Clinton foreign policy. The Obama/Clinton foreign policy has made a dangerous world more dangerous. I believe I can reverse the American decline and get America back on the upswing both in terms of jobs and opportunity and foreign policy.”

Gilmore added that he’s “a little taken aback” by Jeb Bush’s new immigration strategy and “position that he wants to deport five million people who have overstayed their visas. ”

“His signature issue for years has been amnesty. Jeb has been about amnesty. So I think he’s trying to have it both ways. This is both-way Jeb now. If he can take a signature issue he’s cared about so much, amnesty for illegal aliens, then turn on a dime, what will he do as president? Can he be trusted to carry out the things he says he’ll do? I think he’s looking at Trump’s numbers and he’s seen the light but the light is Trump’s poll numbers.”

Gilmore is not registering on the polls, according to the Real Clear Politics average.


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