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Despicable Tweet: Planned Parenthood Uses Minions to Support Selling Baby Parts

Planned Parenthood Action sent out a vile tweet earlier today asking the group’s supporters to “stand strong” against the “Minions” that are trying to defund their abortion factories. The tweet, featuring a gif of the Minions cartoon characters, didn’t mention that what they’re asking people to defend is an organization that rakes in billions of taxpayer dollars while killing babies in the most inhumane ways imaginable, strategically crushing their tiny heads so that livers and other “valuable” parts can be harvested and sold for profit.


Not surprisingly, there was some scathing pushback on Twitter:


Dan Phillips has some great questions for Planned Parenthood including:

  1. Have pro-aborts shifted the threshold of abortability from viability to marketability?
  2. If what Planned Parenthood is selling is sold as human parts, then what was it that they killed?

(Read the rest of his questions for Planned Parenthood here.)

Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Deborah Nucatola practically admitted in those videos that the pro-abortion proponents have been lying to women all these years when they’ve insisted that they’ve just been vacuuming blobs of cells out of women’s uteruses. News flash: Those weren’t blobs of tissues they were haggling over while munching on arugula salad, they were actual baby livers. After 40 years of lies and misinformation, finally, the smoke is beginning to clear and these people are being exposed for the evil butchers they really are.