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A Theater Shooting in Louisiana and THIS is What a BuzzFeed Editor Tweets? Just Bizarre.

From ABC News:

Three people are dead, including the gunman, in a shooting at a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana Thursday night, police said.

There were also seven people injured at the Grand 16 Theater on Johnston Street.

Conditions of those injured range from non-life-threatening to critical, Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said at a news conference.

Here’s what BuzzFeed News editor Rachel Zarrell tweeted out before the bodies had even been removed from the crime scene:


Liberals Can. Not. Help. Themselves.

Everything is a means to their political ends and nothing is sacred. These are the same people who booed God at the Democratic National Convention and booed Martin O’Malley for saying “All lives matter” at the Netroots Nation convention last week. They’re also the same people who defend a woman who munched on salad while talking about crushing baby heads.

We shouldn’t be surprised that they put politics ahead of praying for the victims because government is their god.

Caleb Howe responded:


Ellen Carmichael, who has loved ones in Lafayette still unaccounted for, was not having any of it:


Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal asked for prayer for the victims and their families. During a press conference with police he said, “We can shower these families with love, thoughts, and prayer.” He added, “The best thing anybody can do right now is think about them, pray for them, and shower them with love.”



My thoughts and prayers are also with the families who have lost loved ones and for those fighting for their lives in hospitals right now.


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