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Boehner Pays Lip Service to Stopping Iran Deal

I’d like to believe him.

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday said he and others in Congress would do “everything possible” to stop a new nuclear deal with Iran from moving forward.

“Members of Congress will ask much tougher questions this afternoon when we meet with the president’s team, and because a bad deal threatens the security of the American people, we’re going to do everything possible to stop it,” Boehner told reporters.

Later on Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz were scheduled to hold classified briefings for lawmakers in the U.S. Capitol.

It would be all sorts of fun if Johnny Orange actually dug in his heels and fought this sell-out “deal”. Boehner’s history, however, is filled with tough talk early in any political tussle, almost always followed by a complete disintegration of his spine and capitulation to whatever the Democrats want.

The Idiot King is going to be running amok as his tenure winds down and the country needs Congress to stall or thwart him whenever they can. If all of his legacy building is allowed to go unchecked, it may be too much for any future president to undo.