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'Path to Radicalization'? Start with His Name

Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, the Kuwaiti-born Muslim who murdered four Marines in the American heartland, apparently felt insouciant enough to travel back and forth to the Middle East on at least a couple of occasions. You read that right: the crack fondlers at the TSA harass little old ladies and children, but a member of the same ummah that attacked the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, is free to come and go as he pleases without setting off any politically incorrect alarm bells.

Authorities are investigating multiple trips the Chattanooga gunman took to the Middle East as they work to identify the motive behind Thursday’s shooting that killed four Marines. Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, 24, a Kuwaiti-born Chattanooga resident who was killed by police during his shooting rampage Thursday, traveled to Jordan in 2014 and may have also visited Yemen, according to Reuters and The Wall Street Journal.

Sources close to the investigation told the Journal authorities are trying to determine whether Abdulazeez had any contact with extremists during his seven-month stay in Jordan. Federal authorities were looking into the possibility the shooting was an act of terrorism, but say there is no evidence yet that anyone else was involved — or that the public is in any danger.

A federal law enforcement official said Friday that authorities were continuing a search of his computer, but had not found an extensive online presence and had not uncovered evidence suggesting he was directly inspired by the Islamic State.The FBI is investigating two blog posts written on Monday to determine if Abdulazeez was behind them, including one that proclaimed that life is “short and bitter” and urged readers to “submit to Allah.”

Political correctness will be the death of this country, which is exactly why it was invented in the first place. More willful stupidity:

Officials have not said what weapons he used, and even the exact spelling of his first name was not clear: Federal authorities and records gave at least four variations.

Well, gee, maybe that’s because “Muhammad” in all its variants is a transliteration from an alien language. Spoken by people from an alien culture that is by faith and custom hostile to the West, and which views the universal elevation of Islam as its prime directive. If you’re a devout Muslim, how much “radicalization” do you really need? The only question is whether the dar-al-Harb is conquered by persuasion or brute force, and they don’t much care which it is.

This is war, but only one side knows it.



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