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White House Dispatches Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep to Sell Iran Deal to Dems

Not a done deal?

The Obama administration on Wednesday kicked off its push for approval of the Iran nuclear deal by dispatching Vice President Joe Biden to Congress, where he assured Democrats nothing in the pact would preclude military action if Tehran violated the agreement.

“He stated clearly that nothing in the agreement takes the military option off the table,” U.S. Representative Steve Israel said after leaving the closed-door meeting between Biden and House of Representatives Democrats.


This is confusing, as the media has been assuring the American people that this deal is self-evidently perfect and the only thing keeping us from war with Iran. Why would President Obama need to sell it to his own party?

As the post notes, the Democrats probably will give the President enough support to pass the congressional review. After the struggles with the trade deal, it’s unlikely that they would provide too much resistance this soon again, given that they’re much more of a hive mind than the Republicans. There is still, however, a slight reason for the administration to be concerned.

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