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Let the Pro-Tehran, Pro-Obama Bullying of Congress Begin!


Former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) warned members of Congress yesterday on the Hill that “some may try to intimidate and demonize critics of the agreement by arguing that a vote against this deal is a vote for war.”

“I will say, as a former member of Congress, I know how difficult the following weeks will be for you,” he added.

The pro-Tehran National Iranian American Council started that bullying today with a full-page ad in The New York Times, pictured above.

NIAC president Trita Parsi that “history will look kindly” on President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry for the deal.

“With a nuclear deal in hand, we who urged that the U.S. and Iran must give diplomacy a chance have been proven right. Peace was possible, provided that the right policies were adopted and backed with sufficient political will,” Parsi said.

“Even more important, we now know that the U.S. and Iran need not remain hostile enemies, but can interact with each other to achieve shared interests. This nuclear deal provides clear evidence. The time is ripe to build on the relationships the two sides have developed over the course of negotiations and pursue those shared interests, whether they involve countering ISIS/ISIL, resolving the conflict in Afghanistan, or combating narcotics trafficking.”

Parsi warned that “make no mistake: if Congress rejects this good deal with Iran, there will be no better deal forthcoming and Congress will be left owning an unnecessary war.”

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