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In the Age of Obama, Some Lives Matter More than Others

Left-wing Democrats do not respect life. Whether one of them is nonchalantly talking about “crushing” the life from another human being over wine, or completely ignoring the crushed life of someone killed by an illegal immigrant, those lives can be easily written off if they are deemed inconvenient.


Barack Obama is easily the most anti-life president we have ever had, as his enthusiasm for abortion and lack of interest in the deaths of Americans like Kate Steinle reveal. He has yet to weigh in on the sickening undercover video of a Planned Parenthood director cheerfully discussing the harvesting and selling of aborted baby parts — and he likely won’t. Abortion is one of this president’s pet issues and his media toadies will voluntarily help mitigate any damage the video does to their cause either by ignoring it or by attempting to discredit it. He has also been deafeningly silent on the death of Steinle at the hands of an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city.

Left-wing activists like to repeat the slogan “Black Lives Matter” and they get angry when you correct them by saying, “No — ALL Lives Matter.”

Because clearly —  to the left — some lives do not matter:

The over 58,000,000 unborn lives that have been aborted in the United States since Roe v. Wade became law.

The 121+ Americans who were murdered by illegal-immigrant criminals the Obama administration set free between 2010 and 2014.

The hundreds of thousands of victims of black-on-white violence per year.

The hundreds of thousands of victims of black-on-black violence per year.

The thousands of American service members who have been killed overseas since Barack Obama became president.


Let’s talk about some specific lives that don’t matter to President Obama.

American Sniper” Chris Kyle, who was fatally shot at a Texas gun range on February 2, 2013. While patriotic Americans everywhere mourned the loss of this national hero, the president stayed deafeningly silent. No phone call to the grieving widow, no statement mourning the loss of a great American, no White House officials dispatched to his funeral.

The 30 U.S. service members who were killed in a CH-47 Chinook helicopter crash in the Wardak province of Afghanistan on August 6, 2011. It was the deadliest single loss for U.S. forces in the war in Afghanistan. Seventeen elite Navy SEALs were killed in the crash. In the wake of this tragedy, the families of the fallen soldiers received form letters that were not even personally signed by the president.

The four Americans who died during the Benghazi attack of September 11, 2012: U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens; information management officer Sean Smith; and two security officers who were former Navy SEALs, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

According to defense secretary at the time, Leon Panetta, though he did meet with Obama at a 5 o’clock prescheduled gathering, the president left operational details, including knowledge of what resources were available to help the Americans under siege, “up to us.”


Obama did not call or communicate in any way with the defense secretary that night. There were no calls about what was going on in Benghazi. He never called to check in. The commander-in-chief had a big fundraiser in Las Vegas the next day, so he simply went to bed.

Now let’s look at living Americans who were/are not a high priority for the president…

Andrew Tahmooressi, a Marine reservist, was allowed to rot in a Mexican prison for seven months on trumped-up gun charges. Thanks to the efforts of former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and members of Congress, he was finally released in November of 2014. Not once during the whole ordeal did the president contact the Marine or his family, meet with his family or even release a statement about this clear human rights violation.

Four wrongfully imprisoned Americans in Iran: Former Marine Amir Hekmati, Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, and former FBI agent Robert Levinson. They have been left behind to suffer in harsh prison conditions even as the Obama administration has secured a nuclear deal with Iran.  All of the leverage to get them out is now gone, but Obama got his precious legacy of getting a nuke deal — albeit an awful one.

Lives that DO matter to the president:

Trayvon Martin: The black teenager who was shot by “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman. Zimmerman shot Martin in self-defense while the “troubled teen” was viciously assaulting him.


Obama inserted himself into the case by saying that Trayvon could have been his own son. When Zimmerman was found not-guilty by a Florida jury a year later, Obama got before the microphone again to say that Trayvon Martin could have been him 35 years ago.

Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray: Black criminals who met untimely deaths at the hands of the police. The president took to the microphone in each of these cases to push a toxic, divisive, racial anti-police narrative. He sent White House officials to two out of the three funerals.

Heavy D, a New York rapper:  During his star-studded funeral service, the Rev. Al Sharpton read a statement from the president:

Obama’s message offered condolences and praised the rapper for his “infectious optimism and many contributions to American music.”

Whitney Houston: Upon her death in February of 2012, the White House said Obama’s thoughts and prayers were with Whitney Houston’s family, especially her daughter.

Living Americans who inspire the president to call them or make statements or take actions on their behalf:

Contraception rights activist Sandra Fluke: In March of 2012 (as the “Republican War on Women” campaign theme was launching), Obama called Fluke to offer his support and thank her for speaking out about the need for free birth control for women after she was called a bad word by conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh.


Professor Gates:  During a July 2009 press conference,  Obama felt the need to defend Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, who had been arrested for disorderly conduct in front of his house in Cambridge, Mass. Obama took the occasion to accuse the police who arrested him of “acting stupidly” even while admitting that he didn’t know all the facts.

*46 felons: The president took the time to write 46 personal letters to felons imprisoned for non-violent drug offenses whose sentences he has commuted. Obama made a point of publicizing the letters.

Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl: Held captive by the Taliban-aligned Haqqani network in Afghanistan from June 2009 until his release in May 2014, his freedom was secured by trading five dangerous Taliban commanders from Gitmo.

Flanked by Bergdahl’s beaming parents, Obama made the announcement at a Rose Garden ceremony. Bergdahl has never been condemned by the White House for dishonorably deserting his unit in Afghanistan.

Michael Sam: Obama released a statement on the first openly gay NFL draft player.

Jason Collins: Obama called Collins to tell him he was “impressed by his courage” after the NBA player publicly announced that he was gay.

Obama has made *a lot* of sports-related phone calls and statements, proving that he can take action when he is feeling sufficiently motivated.


*President G.W. Bush also took the time to write some personal letters while he was president. Only there were many more than 46 and he didn’t publicize the letters.

 Mr. Bush, for instance, has sent personal letters to the families of every one of the more than 4,000 troops who have died in the two wars, an enormous personal effort that consumed hours of his time and escaped public notice. The task, along with meeting family members of troops killed in action, has been so wrenching – balancing the anger, grief and pride of families coping with the loss symbolized by a flag-draped coffin – that the president often leaned on his wife, Laura, for emotional support.

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