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The AFL-CIO Had This Pithy Response to Scott Walker's Presidential Announcement

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The above press release, shown in its entirety, was released by the AFL-CIO.

Trumka later issue another statement after Hillary Clinton’s economic speech today, saying that the former secretary of State “is demonstrating that she understands our economy is out of whack.”

“Candidates are beginning to come forward with their economic vision. While there are some encouraging signs, America needs more than a vision. We need a candidate with the right specific policies for a better future and the courage to fight for them. Any candidate who wants to appeal to workers has to put forth a bold, detailed and comprehensive Raising Wages agenda,” he said.

In her address, Clinton said “the defining economic challenge of our time is clear: We must raise incomes for hard-working Americans so they can afford a middle-class life. We must drive strong and steady income growth that lifts up families and lifts up our country. And that will be my mission from the first day I’m president to the last.”

Trumka called her speech “an important step in a much needed conversation about how to make our economy work for everyone.”

Still, he took a dig at the lack of particulars in the rhetoric. “We look forward to her adding specificity to the vision she laid out today.”

“The AFL-CIO takes the endorsement of presidential candidates very seriously. 12.5 million union members and all those who share working families’ values are eager for the right candidate and stand ready to be the difference in the next election,” the union boss said. “We are listening closely to all candidates and look forward to who will step forward with the real solutions we need.”

They’ll undoubtedly be hearing calls from their members to back Bernie Sanders.

The Vermont socialist has received smaller union endorsements already, which have coalesced under the Labor for Bernie movement: “We call on labor leaders, union members and working people to unite behind Bernie Sanders for a voice in the presidential political process and to elect the president working families need – a president who will answer to the 99 percent!”

After Clinton’s speech, Sanders said he looks forward “to an issue-oriented debate as to which set of policies will best represent the working families of our country.” His campaign also noted that, unlike Clinton, the senator has released details of his proposals.